Japan Decorative Painting Association (JDPA)
Japan, Sept/Oct 2004  

Images of a fabulous trip to Japan with beautiful painters, 
wonderful food and lovely autumn countryside! JDPA is First Class!

Also a big ARIGATO for your many thoughtful gifts. The JDPA staff and students all made this the trip of a lifetime for me! And a big THANK YOU to Delta Technical Coatings for supplying the Delta Ceramcoat paint for all 13 seminars. The paint was most appreciated by students and teacher alike! 

Click here to see the sample seminar pieces.

Please click below to see selected photos of each seminar city
(the background images can take up to one minute to load)

Osaka     Kyoto     Ishikawa     Sapporo     

Matsumoto     Nagoya     Shizuoka     Tokyo     Family

Please email me at scottie@bavarianfolkart.com if you find any errors or misspellings.

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